Lennard Deurman

Freelance developer (Android, iOS, Web) specialized in AdTech solutions. I've worked for several AdTech companies (Massarius, Semilo, Impreszion and Faktor) and reached over 500.000 app users with my own products (Labda, Didactigo, Zeta).

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My name is Lennard Deurman. Since 2015 I'm active in creating online IT solutions. This started with creating the Labda App at the begin of 2015. I started this application as a hobbyproject but due to the big interest in the application it soon became more serious.

As a result of the success of the Labda App I started my company Delta Apps at the end of 2015. Labda became even more succesful in the years that followed and has gotten over 300.000 users.

The great reach of the app has taught me a lot in a relatively short period. It motivated me to further dive into mobile / web development and advertising. This brought me the opportunity to come in contact with programmatic first sales house Massarius.

Massarius managed the programmatic advertising in the Labda App and I started working for Massarius as freelance developer. Beside my work for Massarius I advised Impreszion, privacy startup Faktor and sales-house Semilo on AdTech related technical issues.

I try to combine my native development services and advertising knowledge by creating innovative AdTech solutions.


Innovative solutions

Default advertising on web is often limited to simple positioning and standard formats. This can be easily optimised by creating a better viewability and positioning using the solutions I've created. The solutions include interscroller scripts, in-view scripts, floating-ad solutions and push-up billboards.

AdTech + InApp

By combining my AdTech and development knowledge I can optimize advertising technology inside mobile-apps. I've created a set of solutions which solve most common inapp problems such as lack of proper error handling, resizing for third parties and passbacks.


Used to creating solutions that can be served from within iframes or adservers. The scripts I've created can be placed into the adserver and changed by AdOps. By doing this implementing the solutions won't require additional development.

Apps I've produced

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